12 Months

  • 200GB Local Mobile Data
  • 400 Outgoing Local Minutes
  • 200 Outgoing Local SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls (on Singapore network)
  • Free Incoming SMS (Globally)
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free SIM Card or eSIM


12 Months

  • Free 1GB roaming data per month across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Promo Code: FREE50GB

Plan Feature

  • No excess local charges. Usages are stopped after depletion.
    • Mobile Data
    • Outoging Calls and SMS
    • Free Roaming Data
  • Entitlement refreshes on 1st day of calendar month
  • Pro-rated entitlement and charges for first month

Roaming Data

  • 1GB to Indonesia at $5
  • 1GB to Thailand at $5
  • 3GB to China, Taiwan at $22

Get More Data, Mins, SMS

  • Bundle (Data,Mins, SMS)
  • 2GB / 4GB / 10GB / 80GB
  • 200 mins / 1000 mins
  • 100 sms

Boost to 5G

  • $7.50/mth per mobile number

Connected Across Borders

  • Supports IDD 019
  • Supports IDD 001
  • SMS International Numbers
  • Supports Roaming Calls/SMS

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer will not be able to make outgoing calls, send SMS and get data connectivity once entitlement is used up.
  2. Customer is required to purchase Boosters for additional entitlements.
  3. Customer will be able to receive calls and SMS even when entitlement is used up.

Click here for detailed VIVIFI mobile plan Terms and Conditions.

Promo Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion valid for new VIVIFI Binge 50 plan sign-ups from 2nd Apr 2024 to 30th Jun 2024.
  2. Promotion is applicable for VIVIFI Binge 50 Plan new sign-up/port-in customers.
  3. Free monthly 50GB local data will terminate after 12 calendar months from the month of SIM activation.
  4. Free monthly 1GB roaming data across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand is granted for 12 calendar months from the month of SIM activation.
  5. Free monthly 1GB roaming data will terminate after 12 calendar months
  6. Subscriber must activate the SIM cards successfully within 14 days from order submission date.
  7. Binge 50 plan customers enjoy 200GB, 400mins & 200SMS from the month of SIM activation for the first 12 calendar months, 150GB, 400mins & 200SMS thereafter.
  8. Management reserves the right to amend the promotion without prior notice.