• 9GB Local Mobile Data
  • Unlimited Mobile Data after 9GB
  • 350 Outgoing Local Minutes
  • 200 Outgoing Local SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls (on Singapore network)
  • Free Incoming SMS (Globally)
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free SIM Card or eSIM

Plan Feature

  • Unlimited data after 9GB so that you can always PayNow, Navigate, Whatsapp
  • Uninterrupted outgoing calls / SMS at pay-per-use rates after bundled entitlements are fully depleted.
  • Entitlement refreshes on 1st day of calendar month
  • Pro-rated entitlement and charges for first month

Roaming Data

  • 1GB to Indonesia at $5
  • 1GB to Thailand at $5
  • 3GB to China, Taiwan at $22

Get More Data, Mins, SMS

  • 2GB / 4GB / 10GB
  • 200 mins / 1000 mins
  • 100 sms

Connected Across Borders

  • Supports IDD 019
  • Supports IDD 001
  • SMS International Numbers
  • Supports Roaming Calls/SMS

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer on Plus 9 will enjoy unlimited basic Internet. However, to ensure fair usage, the mobile data will be offered at a managed speed once Customer exceeds the monthly bundled data.
  2. Once monthly entitlement for talktime/SMS is used up, Customer will be charged the pay-per-use rate.
  3. Pay-per-use : Outgoing local call @ $0.1090/min
  4. Pay-per-use : Outoging local sms @ $0.0545/SMS

Click here for detailed VIVIFI mobile plan Terms and Conditions.