VIVIFI Share 300
@ $41/mth

Add a line @ $3.88/mth

12 Months Contract

  • 300GB Local Mobile Data
  • 1000 Outgoing Local Minutes
  • 100 Outgoing Local SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls (on Singapore network)
  • Free Incoming SMS (Globally)
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free SIM Card or eSIM


Promo Code: SHARE388

Plan Feature

  • Shareable bundle (Data, Mins, SMS).
  • Uninterrupted data and outgoing calls/ SMS at VIVIFI More rates after bundled entitlements are fully depleted.
  • Entitlement refreshes on 1st day of calendar month
  • Pro-rated entitlement and charges for first month

VIVIFI More Rates

Mobile Data

  • Less than 6GB: $10.1869
  • Less than 18GB: $20.3738
  • Less than 30GB: $30.5608
  • More than 30GB: $4.5780/GB


  • Less than 200 mins: $5.4500
  • Less than 500 mins: $10.9000
  • Less than 1000 mins: $16.3500
  • More than 1000 mins: $0.1090/min


  • Less than 25 SMS: $1.0900
  • Less than 100 SMS: $4.3600
  • More than 100 SMS: $0.0545/SMS

Shareable Roaming Data

  • VIVIFI Go- Share 1* – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand at $15 for 3GB
  • VIVIFI Go- Share 2* – Zone Asia at $20 for 3 GB
  • VIVIFI Go- Share 3* – Zone Others at $45 for 5GB

Individual Roaming Data

  • 1GB to Indonesia at $5
  • 1GB to Thailand at $5
  • 3GB to China, Taiwan at $22

Get More Data, Mins, SMS

  • 10GB
  • 200 mins / 1000 mins
  • 100 sms

Boost to 5G

  • $7.50/mth per mobile number

Connected Across Borders

  • Supports IDD 019
  • Supports IDD 001
  • SMS International Numbers
  • Supports Roaming Calls/SMS

Terms and Conditions

  1. The monthly entitlement (data, talktime and SMS) of Share Plan only allows sharing with additional mobile lines purchased under the same account.
  2. Once monthly entitlement is used up, VIVIFI More Rates apply based on the total usages for the month.

Click here for detailed VIVIFI mobile plan Terms and Conditions.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion valid from 5th March 2024 till further notice.
  2. Promotion is only valid for new VIVIFI Share 300 (12-mth Contract) plan sign ups.
  3. To be eligible for the promo, the subscriber must apply for 1 mainline and at least 1 subline together during the time of purchase.
  4. The promo code must be entered at the Checkout page.
  5. Subscriber must activate the SIM cards successfully within 14 days from order submission date.
  6. The share campaign $41.00/mth for 1 mainline and the discounted price of $3.88/mth for each subline is valid for 12 calendar months from SIM activation date, thereafter it will be reverted back to the normal rate of $6.50/mth for each subline.
  7. Subscriber’s contract with VIVIFI will last for 12 months from the SIM activation date of the mainline.
  8. If subscriber adds more sublines during the contract period, the contract end date will be based on the SIM activation date of the mainline. However, subscriber will enjoy the subline at a discounted price of $3.88/mth for 12 calendar months, thereafter it will be reverted back to the normal rate. When adding more sublines separately, subscriber must use the promo code at Checkout page to enjoy the discounted price of $3.88/mth for the subline.
  9. If any of the mobile lines in the contracted VIVIFI Share 300 plan is changed to another plan, terminated or ported out before the contract end date, an early termination charge for the remaining months will be imposed on each line based on the original price for main and sub lines.
  10. The promo data of 120GB* will be added within 2 working days of SIM activation and it will last for the first 12 calendar months from the SIM activation date of the mainline.
  11. Eligible customers enjoy 300GB, 1000mins & 100SMS for the first 12 months, and 180GB, 1000mins & 100SMS thereafter.
  12. Listed prices are based on prevailing GST rate.
  13. The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion without prior notice.